Frequently ask questions

What exactly do you do?

I’m a self contained (PA/lights) Solo ‘vocalist/trumpet’ that also DJ’s Ska, Punk, Reggae and Mod sounds as required.

How long do you (as a solo) play for?

In the pubs I usually put music on at 8.30pm and sing 1 x 45 minute until 10pm and 1 x 1hr sets until close with a break. I can sing 4 x 45 mins and DJ longer also. Nothing is set in stone I am very flexible to suit the day/ evening.

How much do I charge?

Since 2003 I have been charging £150- 250 depending how many times I’m booked and how long I play. That price is local (30 min radius) to Bournemouth for Friday and Saturday nights. Mid week/afternoon gigs are less depending on distance.

These prices do not include inner cities (POA)

Also happy to take bookings from agents and willing to negotiate subject to availability.

Do you travel?

I do travel and don’t charge for time but you will have to cover my fuel, rule of thumb £50 for a 2/3hour round trip. Nil for local

Do you take private bookings?

I do but I prefer to discuss if the act is more suited to doing a ‘spot’ or the ‘whole night’ first (POA).

Do you advertise?

I place ‘my gigs’ in local press/free ads and national ‘gig guides’ facebook and this website. Always good to ‘link up’ if the venue has a website click here. I also supply A3 posters at least 6 weeks before and a contract/invoice as required.

Do you have a band?

I have been in bands and have gigged with my own band, unless it is arranged a longtime before booking my act is solo ‘only’.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here or comments on additions please send us a message here.